Animation 9 min

The animation ‘Landescape’ is a metamorphical journey through past and future. A desolate landscape with the horizon as eternal witness of life and death, and a dream about what’s behind it. Stories are told, existences and buildings take form, break down and get buried. Then brought to new life in that landscape under the sun, where everything is in constant change.


Fågelboken (The Bird Book), commissioned by Södertälje kommun, consists of 13 Lightboxes and two birdbaths, in Björkmossens vård och omsorgsboende (senior care) in Södertälje. Each light box is themed around a birdspecies and the artwork is composed in a wide range of techniques.

All that May Bleed

Mask for Oedipus.

During the spring of 2018 Tilda has worked on masks, props & costume for Markus Öhrn’s theatre performance All that may bleed. Six scenes from Sophocles’ tragedies, performed by retired women, all amateur actors, were produced for Fast Forward Festival at the Onassis Culture Centre in Athens 4-16 May.

Read more about the project here.


Oraklet, foto av Jan Dahlkvist

The Oracle, a commissioned work in Gothenburg, was installed in December 2015. The sculpture, made of bronze and stone, is placed between the church and the masquerade shop at the corner of Korsgatan/Kyrkogatan.  Commissioned by Göteborg konst and the Charles Felix Lindbergs foundation.


(The Treebody), is a 4 m. wooden-sculpture (fir) made for Österskolan in S. Sandby, Lund, Sweden.
The drawings on the trunk and roots are mainly made by the school’s children (age 6-10), and then  transferred to the tree with a soldering-iron.
Other materials used are; jesmonite, rope, epoxy, concrete, reindeer-horns, scull and teeth. The tree is hollow and has a metal construction inside, fixed on the floor. It is sanded smooth like skin, to touch, hug and lie amongst the roots.


Beaver Chapel

IMG_1704 copyfix2014
The installation Beaver Chapel was built for the Finland Pavillion at Alma Lövs Museum. From one of the birdhouses the whisteling sound of G. Mahler’s Funeral March.

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