Commissioned work


Ugglor i mossen

Fågelboken (The Bird Book), commissioned by Södertälje kommun, concists of 13 Lightboxes and two bird baths, for Björkmossens vård och omsorgsboende (senior care) in Södertälje. Each light box is themed around a birdspecies and the artwork is composed in a wide range of techniques. The aim has been to create pieces with something familiar, perhaps something to meet over, that could bring back memories.




Oraklet, foto av Jan Dahlkvist

The Oracle, a commissioned work in Gothenburg, was installed in December 2015. The sculpture, made of bronze and stone, is placed between the church and the masquerade shop at the corner of Korsgatan/Kyrkogatan.  Commissioned by Göteborg konst and the Charles Felix Lindbergs foundation.


(The Treebody), is a 4 m. wooden-sculpture (fir) made for Österskolan in S. Sandby, Lund, Sweden.
The drawings on the trunk and roots are mainly made by the school’s children (age 6-10), and then  transferred to the tree with a soldering-iron.
Other materials used are; jesmonite, rope, epoxy, concrete, reindeer-horns, scull and teeth. The tree is hollow and has a metal construction inside, fixed on the floor. It is sanded smooth like skin, to touch, hug and lie amongst the roots.


Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna - Tilda Lovell2009
Flora and Fauna is installed in Solursgaraget; a parking-house in Vällingby/a Stockholm suburb. The 6 meter high pale pink skin-toned organic tower is made of coloured polyester, glassfiber and metal. The 1 m. high two-legged dog with bark-skin is casted in bronze.
The motiv is inspired from a detail in the triptych ‘Garden of earthly delights’ by Hieronymus Bosch.

Commissioned by Stockholms Konst. Project leader: Dan Wirén

Flora and Fauna DSC_0546 DSC_0563 DSC_0567