Alla inlägg av Tilda

‘Oraklet’ Commissioned sculpture to Gothenburg.

IMG_508cutTilda is in the workingprocess with the commissioned sculpture ‘Oraklet’ (The Oracle).

The original Oracle is made of several materials, for example shells, cast of fish and bodyparts.

It will finally be made of Bronze and Stone and is to be installed at the crossing Korsgatan/
Kyrkogatan in Gothenburg, Dec 2015.


(The Treebody), is a 4 m. wooden-sculpture (fir) made for Österskolan in S. Sandby, Lund, Sweden.
The drawings on the trunk and roots are mainly made by the school’s children (age 6-10), and then  transferred to the tree with a soldering-iron.
Other materials used are; jesmonite, rope, epoxy, concrete, reindeer-horns, scull and teeth. The tree is hollow and has a metal construction inside, fixed on the floor. It is sanded smooth like skin, to touch, hug and lie amongst the roots.