Sculpture / Installation

White Landscape

2003 Measure of table: 3,20 x 2,70 m. height 1m. Material: animal skeleton fragments, hair, stoneware, plaster, fan, motor, smoke machine and more.      

Burned Landscape

2003 A burned table with bronze and wax figures on it. Measure: Table 140 x 110cm, 105 cm height. Bronze-figurines 5-15 cm. Material: wood, bronze, wax, smoke-machine.

My only sunshine

2004 The owl says ho-hoo now and then with my voice with different intonations, and the monkey plays the melody: You are my sunshine… very slowly on the small positive. Measures: ca 2×2,5×2,5 m. Material: plaster, wax, fabric, bed, tree, owl bulvane, electronics, sounds etc.

Field of Shadows

2005 A sculpture, light, shadow and sound installation. Measure: about 2½ x 1½ m. Material: metal, diodes, nature material, fiber optics, fan, mechanical sound.

The Glass Mountain

2005 Measure: 2 x 2 x 2 m. Material: cling film, glass and light.

Bosch Hell

2008 Measures ca. 45x55x35 cm Material: mdf, dental plaster, enamel, wood, glass, metal, hair, nature materials etc.

Desert Landscape

Measure: 85 x 70 x 135 cm. Material: wood, papier masje, wax, fabric, toothpicks, teeth and other nature materials.  

Dark Waters

2008 Measures: 120x95x105 cm high. Material: table, plaster, enamel, metal, nature-materials, leather, silicone etc.  

Omens, Spells and Blessings

2008 Shelf/surface: 400×90 x110 cm high. Mixed media  


2008Measures: 100x90x90 cm.Materials: plaster, sparkle, paper, metal, tree  bark etc.

The Sanctuary

2009Video-installation: Slowly moving shadow-animation on the cave walls.Material: in the projection: plaster, animation, shadow play.In the room: elk-cranium, sheet, plaster, paper, glass-objects. Photo by: Leif Mattson

Exhibition: Bone Black

2014Overview of the 150 Sqm. exhibition room at Lars Bohman Gallery, Stockholm.  

Beaver Chapel

2014 The installation Beaver Chapel was built for the Finland Pavillion at Alma Lövs Museum. From one of the birdhouses the whisteling sound of G. Mahler’s Funeral March.  


Sandlands, installation at Stenahallen Gothenburg Art Museum, 2017-2018, consisting of sculpures, installation, video works and light and smoke effects.

Exhibition Anna Bohman Gallery

Exhibition Bonniers Konsthall 2023

Link to Bonniers Konsthall